Parent Involvement



 Getting involved in the band program will give you the opportunity to share with your child the last four years of their education, these years that go so fast and are rarely enjoyed by many parents. Your child might say they rather not have you around, but most parents actually learn that in reality they appreciate your involvement and will thank you in the future. VHS is fortunate to have a great director.  The band parents are needed to support the director, and help with the details of fundraising, transporting, feeding and watering an organization this size. The band needs parents to be able to function; it is for this reason that we urge you to get involved. Join one of the many committees; we need your help. Grandparents, siblings, or any member of your family can get involved and make a difference. 

If you have a child in the VHS Band then CONGRATULATIONS you are now a member of the Band Boosters (There are no fees; just be involved).  The Band Boosters it is a great way to meet the parents and the kids your student will be spending much of their time with for the next four years. The easiest way to volunteer is by attending the monthly Band Booster meetings where you will learn more about the program and where it needs your help.


When the bus arrives back at school can my child leave?

 NOT until the following has happened:  

  • They have turned in their uniform, hung up correctly. Students will be shown the correct method to hang the uniform to help ensure proper look, fit and life expectancy of the uniform.
  • Listened to any messages from the Director. There are times where information about the following day, week or event is given just before dismissal.  This helps students with remembering when and where they are supposed to be.
  • They have gathered all their stuff and their equipment, uniform and instrument are unloaded and put in its proper place.
  • This entire process usually takes about 30 minutes AFTER the bus has arrived back at Valley.


Helpful Hints to Save You Time and Grief:

  • Make your child responsible for being prepared. The first time they forget something will be the last!!! They learn to be resourceful when they have to be.
  • At the end of each practice session there are usually announcements – listen up. This is your best opportunity to find out who, what, where and when things are going on.
  • Network – This is how we meet each other.  It is also one of the best ways to get helpful hints on band parenting from others.
  • Carpool to competitions when parent busses aren’t available.
  • Be prepared to cheer! The band loves it when they have their own cheering section.
  • Don’t put uniform items away in the closet or drawers when cleaned. Keep all items (socks, shoes, band shirt, gloves, etc.) in a bag. These tips will save time spent hunting for them each time they are needed. 
  • Keep extra gloves, socks, needle & thread, etc. in your car or purse just in case.
  • Visit the band web site OFTEN and attend Booster Meetings to stay informed.